TV advertisement pub signs

Brewery Artists pub sign studio

These hand painted pub signs were commissioned for a TV animated/Live action series of adverts for Castella Cigars in the early 1980s. I was commissioned (among other artists) to produce physical signs that would be used in filming and as a character template for the animators. The signs are painted on 6mm Marine plywood with an average overall dimension of 27x36 inches (685x915mm).
See the Castella TV advertisement video

FOR SALE George & Vulture - £120 plus PP -a double sided,
FOR SALE The Black Jack - £100 plus PP - a single sided sign.
FOR SALE The Jolly Roger - £100 plus PP - a single sided sign.

Email Pub Sign Advert with the name of your chosen sign and a Paypal request for payment will be emailed to you so that you can make a normal online secure credit card payment.

George & Vulture pub sign
Black Jack pub sign
Jolly Roger pub sign
George & Dragon pub sign
George & Vulture pub sign
Punch & Judy pub sign