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Brewery Artists pub sign studio

The pub signs are in slide show format showcasing 22 consecutive images, the slide show can be manually overidden. See 'sign database' menu link for a full visual list of available signs.

New signs were usually frameless plates with fixing eyes or plates with wooden frames plus fixing bracket. Older signs were generally plates with solid metal framing and were always reused. When completed and delivered to the respective pub/inn, the sign would be fitted either to a wall bracket or an oak post mounted ironwork. The sign plate was allowed to swing to reduce the strain on the bracket/ironwork, which could be considerable in storm conditions. Some signs were fitted flat to the wall when position permitted. Fixing would be part of a complete exterior signage package or as a single pub sign refurbishment cycle, usually every six to ten years.

Portsmouth Hants 1986
Portsmouth Hants 1986