from tied house to profit centre

Brewery Artists pub sign studio

A specialist studio producing signage and colourway designs for pub exteriors. Commissions from Whitbread, Ansells, Eldridge Pope, Brains, Morelands, Halls and others were the core of the work. However, the lasting legacy is probably the superb pub signs produced by various artists over three decades.

Originally the sign painters shop for the 1930s Stroud Brewery. Due to mergers in the 1950s it morphed into West Country Ales brewery sign painters under John Cook. In the 1960s there was another change of ownership and it became Whitbread Artists Department, moving to an old malthouse at Cheltenham. Eventually in the early 1980s it was made into a 'profit centre' renamed Brewery Artists managed by Mike Hawkes. It was relocated to Gloucester in 1988 and was finally closed four years later by the parent company Whitbread Flowers.

Whitbread Artists Dept 1978
Brewery Artists pub sign studio staff 1983
Whitbread Artists Department in 1978
Brewery Artists staff in 1983