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Brewery Artists pub sign studio

The slideshow displays only a selection of the hand painted traditional pub signs produced during the period quoted below. See 'sign database' menu link for a full visual list of available signs. The pub sign images have been digitally scanned and restored from original 35mm Ektachrome transparencies.

All of the pub and inn signs shown in this website were painted by Nicholas Robertson, mostly at the Whitbread Artists Department and Brewery Artists Studio Cheltenham between 1971 and 1988. Subsequent signs were freelance painted up to 2000. If you require more Inn sign / Pub sign information click the 'contact links' button.

The pub signs are in slide show format showcasing 20 consecutive images, the slide show can be manually overidden.


Wootton Bassett Wilts 1984
Wootton Bassett Wilts 1984